About CLS

Campus Life & Style’s mission is to provide an unparalleled resident experience and workplace environment. We strive to create value through building a team of passionate individuals, a commitment to a positive company culture, and delivering groundbreaking style and design.

Elliot J. TamirElliot J. Tamir - Co-Founder and Chairman

Co-Founder and Chairman

With more than twenty-five years in the real estate business, Mr. Tamir’s experience is invaluable to the company’s continued pursuit of real estate investments nationwide. Mr. Tamir co-founded Campus Life & Style in 2015 with the goal to assemble a team of highly passionate and motivated individuals that will create tremendous value for its real estate portfolio by producing an unparalleled resident experience, a best in class workplace environment, a positive and sustained company culture & groundbreaking style and design. Mr. Tamir’s keen operational and construction knowledge, coupled with his exceptional management style will assure optimal performance throughout the portfolio.