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Student Housing Amenities Get a New Focus

What’s in demand now for student housing? Generally speaking, preferences include:

Wellness, which has also become a major trend in multifamily properties. On a related note, community fitness centers are also key, even if the property is near a local gym. According to a recent J Turner Research survey, students are particularly looking for outdoor gathering spaces and upgraded gym equipment.

“Most students want to go downstairs on their own time to get in a quick workout,” Adam Byrley, COO of The Preiss Co., told Mark Faris for his article “The Student Housing Amenities Most In Demand.”

Students also want high-speed internet. Building-wide Wi-Fi. The ability to print documents easily.

And perhaps the most surprising: places to study.

“(Students) like to party, but they want to party somewhere else,” Elliot Tamir, Vesper co-founder & co-CEO, told Faris.

Going to school and taking studying seriously? Now that’s a novel idea!

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