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A Word from the Co-Founder
Elliot J. Tamir

Campus Life & Style is known for creating boutique communities that resonate and enliven at every touchpoint – that push the boundaries of student housing into territory shared by the world’s upscale hospitality brands. Today’s students are less inclined to settle for the mediocre service, unimaginative décor and banal amenities that have become synonymous with the industry. Students have become sophisticated consumers in search of dynamic living environments that promote study, recreation, and social connection. With chic living spaces, resort-style amenities, and a first class customer service experience, our students enjoy a resident lifestyle that cannot be found elsewhere.

Isaac and I founded Campus Life & Style to implement our vision and exacting standards without compromise. Run by one of the most experienced teams in the nation, CLS is the leading management firm in the industry by a variety of measures. Our commitment to excellence permeates every level of CLS – from corporate leadership to property site staff. Behind each community in our portfolio, you will find a local team united by the core values, passion, and extraordinary culture that Campus Life & Style was built on. Our site teams are the most talented and passionate in their respective markets: rigorously trained and supplied with all the tools they need to provide their residents with an unmatched resident experience.

I am extremely excited about the opportunity to bring excellence to the resident experience and satisfaction to those who are passionate about their craft. We invite you to join us.

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Elliot J. Tamir, Co-Founder

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