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Director of Recruiting

Campus Life & Style, Austin, TX

Job Overview:
We are looking for a Recruiter to join the Campus Life & Style team. Reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO), this position will be responsible for seeking out qualified candidates, confirming their qualifications, and assisting with placing them in open roles at our company.
The successful candidate will work with our teams and build an employee network to allow for talent sourcing and attracting candidates, along with interviewing and assisting with hiring great employees, preferably in the student housing real estate field. This recruiter will collaborate with our various departments on a regular basis and proactively identify future hiring needs. The responsibility of the Recruiter will be to ensure our company attracts, hires, and retains the best employees, while growing a strong talent pipeline.

• Attract candidates using various sources, like social media networks and employee referrals
• Design and implement overall recruiting strategy
• Develop and update job descriptions and job specifications
• Develop timelines for filing open positions
• Prepare recruitment materials and create job postings to place appropriate job boards and company social media outlets
• Source and recruit candidates by using databases, social media, etc.
• Email or call prospective candidates
• Screen candidate resumes and job applications
• Conduct interviews using various reliable recruiting and selection tool methods to filter candidates
• Assess applicants’ relevant knowledge, skills, experience, and aptitudes
• Provide analytical and well documented recruiting reports
• Act as a point of contact and build influential candidate relationships during the selection process
• Promote company’s reputation as “best place to work”
• Other duties as assigned
• Will accept verifiable work experience
• Excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiation skills
• Time Management
• Solid ability to conduct different types of interviews
• Hands on experience with various selection processes (phone and virtual interviewing, reference checks, etc.)
• Sound decision making under pressure
• Problem solving and the ability to delegate effectively
• Organized with a structured approach to overseeing and executing on responsibilities • Good computer skills; well-versed in Microsoft Office Suite, strong and working knowledge of Excel • Able to work effectively under pressure and meet set timelines or deadlines
• Ability to plan, multi-task, and manage time effectively
• Ability to work independently
• Multi-family or student housing experience preferred, but not mandatory
• Demonstrated understanding of Project management Concepts
• Budget management
• Customer service oriented
• Travel is required.

An average of 40 hours per week is anticipated and may change based on the company’s needs. The position requires the ability to work any of the seven days of the week, 52 weeks of the year except when prior arrangements have been made.
The position requires the ability to serve on-call or remaining in contact via telephone, as scheduled or as necessary.

This position requires travel for resourcing of potential qualified candidate in various markets where the company has a presence, as agreed on in advance by both parties.

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