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Assistant General Manager (Accounts)

The London, Texas A&M University , College Station, TX

General Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Assist General Manager to build a team of highly motivated, skilled and productive individuals who work well with others. Consistently maintain professional quality of management, communication, and reporting.
  • Provide first-class customer service to prospects and residents. Ensure that all resident requests are handled promptly and professionally.  Create professional and friendly office environment.
  • Maintain occupancy at or above 99% and collections at or above 98% of potential income.
  • Achieve the highest possible net operating income (NOI) through the implementation of effective cost control; revenue improvement efforts; and effective budget management
  • Focus on improvement and upkeep of the properties’ curb appeal and cleanliness
  • Assist General Manager to oversee the Maintenance Department. Implement systems, procedures, and expectations. Find ways to improve performance and productivity while reducing expenses.
  • Ensure property management software is accurate, up to date at all times, and being utilized to its fullest functionality.
  • Oversee collections efforts at the property, in order to keep delinquencies under 2% of income.
  • Maintain resident ledgers in property management software to ensure accuracy. Communicate with residents as needed.
  • Perform lease processing and administration, to ensure accuracy of property management software.
  • Perform regular audits of property management software and leases as needed.
  • Process accounts payables in a timely manner and work with vendors as needed to ensure accurate billing and good standing.
  • Conduct analysis of operating expenses to determine items and methods for expense cutting.
  • Oversee monthly reports, budget targets, and variance reports as needed.
  • Responsible for timely submissions of all necessary paperwork for invoicing, payroll, hiring, etc.
  • Manage collections, evictions, and other legal and administrative tasks.
  • Assist General Manager to coordinate, schedule, and supervise activities of all contracted services, including, but not limited to: pest exterminators, trash collectors, landscaping, snow removal, turn contractors, and major repair contractors.
  • Assist General Manager to maintain a positive reputation, and relationship with school and community.
  • Actively network with local higher education and city officials to establish effective working relationships for the benefit of the property and its residents.
  • Promote harmonious relations among residents, parents, staff, and surrounding community, while enforcing company policies and standards.
  • Assist General Manager to ensure your team spends necessary time on campus and at local businesses to promote cross adverting and positive relationships.
  • Assist Leasing Manager and staff to ensure all potential marketing avenues are being fully utilized. Show and lease apartments
  • Assist Manager to ensure website and marketing materials are up to date and portray the property in a positive light
  • Effectively maintain product knowledge of property and competitive properties through consistent market research and networking. Ensure leasing staff develops and maintains similar knowledge.
  • Assist Manager to establish, implement, and monitor leasing goals and lease renewal programs to meet required occupancy.
  • React to potential situations which would cause liability to the property or the management company.  Ensure all landlord/tenant statutes, fair housing laws, and safety codes are followed, and train staff accordingly.
  • Assist General Manager to perform quarterly inspections and oversee a successful turn via pre-inspections, scheduling, and vendor bidding processes.
  • Assist General Manager to update and Monitor an effective preventative maintenance program.
  • Monitor service request turnaround and ensure the responsiveness of the maintenance staff.
  • Communicate needs, ideas, and problems effectively with Manager so properties and run as efficiently as possible.
  • Communicate effectively with staff members to ensure compliance with all policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all staff is also maintaining the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism, or take necessary action to correct problems promptly.
  • Assist General Manager to hold weekly meetings with employees to facilitate learning, communication, and team building.
  • Promote and teach safe work practices among on-site staff and ensure all safety programs are implemented and followed.
  • Perform other job duties as requested by Manager or as needed to ensure a successful property

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