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Building Custodian

The Indy, Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA

Job Overview: 

Seeking a qualified Building Custodian interested in joining our Campus Life & Style Family.  The Building Custodian is responsible for the overall upkeep and cleanliness of the building that will include but not limited to common areas, offices, bathrooms, breakrooms, hallways, elevator(s), model unit and other areas as assigned and able to perform small repairs.


Experience/ Job Qualifications:

  • Minimum two years of continuous experience working as a building custodian.
  • The ability to develop weekly cleaning schedules for the common areas and floor care.
  • Working knowledge of proper cleaning techniques and cleaning chemicals associated with each specific surface or surfaces being cleaned.
  • Working knowledge of proper floor care for all type of flooring and the use of floor cleaning equipment.
  • Working knowledge of the appropriate PPE to use while conducting daily cleaning services.
  • Working knowledge of all safety requirements when handling chemicals and maintaining Safety Data Sheets.


General Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Clean and sanitize all building interior common areas, offices and Model unit daily which may include but not limited to dusting, vacuuming, mopping, restocking and removing trash.
  • Must have the ability to work well unsupervised.
  • Develop and adhere a weekly cleaning schedule of the common areas.
  • Develop and adhere to a weekly carpet cleaning schedule.
  • Stock all common areas daily.
  • Responsible for ordering and maintaining an adequate amount of cleaning and sanitizing supplies and cleaning tools.
  • Properly maintain, clean and sanitize all cleaning tools and equipment.
  • Assist as needed with light maintenance duties and during our annual turn cycle.
  • Provide first-class customer service to prospects and residents.
  • Consistently maintain professional quality of workmanship, communication, personal appearance, organization, and reporting.
  • Help manager achieve the highest possible net operating income (NOI) through the implementation of effective cost control; revenue improvement efforts (focusing on resident bill-backs, and other income items); and effective budget management
  • Ensure that property is clean, maintained, and safe for residents, prospects, employees, and visitors at all times including offices, common areas, stairwells, exteriors, basements, grounds, exteriors, etc.
  • Identify and react to potential situations which would cause liability to the property or management company.
  • Identify and implement ways to improve the curb appeal, with approval from Manager.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to conduct analysis of expenses on a regular basis to determine items and methods for expense cutting
  • Strive at all times to maintain good work ethics and good company morale.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to ensure all necessary maintenance materials are on site as needed, organized, and inventoried. Plan ahead
  • Always keep an organized and safe maintenance shop and storage areas
  • Follow all code, legal, OSHA, and compliance statutes.
  • Maintain good resident relations and promptly inform property manager of any potential or existing problems. Communications with residents should be cordial and professional at all times.
  • Assist in building positive relationships with neighbors, the community, the school, and city departments.
  • Communicate needs, ideas, and problems effectively with Manager.

Participate in company training classes and meetings as required; keep all necessary insurances and licenses up to date.

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