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Maintenance Technician

The Holly, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX

Job Overview

Seeking a qualified Maintenance Technician to join our Campus Life & Style Family. This position is responsible for assisting the Maintenance Supervisor run a customer-centric Facilities program. Job duties include the ability to work independently or as part of a team to assist in the timely completion of resident work orders, make readies, preventive maintenance tasks, and general property curb appeal. Candidates must have a minimum 2 years’ experience in facilities and maintenance with a general to advanced working knowledge of the following systems.

Experience/ Job Qualifications:

  • Minimum two years of continuous experience as a working technician
  • Residential appliance repairs (washers, dryers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposals)
  • HVAC (EPA certification not required, but a plus)
  • Basic working knowledge of building plumbing systems
  • Basic working knowledge of building electrical systems
  • Make-ready experience a plus
  • Basic construction (sheetrock patch/texture/paint, flooring, carpentry)
  • Groundskeeping/irrigation

General Job Description / Responsibilities

  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to build a team of highly motivated, skilled, organized, and productive individuals who always work well together and represent the company in a professional manner.
  • Provide first-class customer service to prospects and residents. Ensure that all requests are handled promptly and professionally.
  • Consistently maintain professional quality of workmanship, communication, personal appearance, organization, and reporting.
  • Assist office staff in maintaining occupancy at or above 99% and collections at or above 99% of potential income.
  • Help manager achieve the highest possible net operating income (NOI) through the implementation of effective cost control; revenue improvement efforts (focusing on resident bill-backs and other income items); and effective budget management
  • Ensure that property is clean, maintained, and safe for residents, prospects, employees, and visitors at all times including offices, common areas, stairwells, exteriors, basements, grounds, exteriors, etc.
  • Identify and react to potential situations which would cause liability to the property or management company.
  • Analyze physical state of properties and identify and implement ways to improve the curb appeal, with approval from Manager.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to conduct analysis of expenses on a regular basis to determine items and methods for expense cutting
  • Always strive to maintain good work ethics and good company morale.
  • Complete all work orders in a timely, professional, and courteous manner, and clean up thoroughly before leaving the unit, or at the end of each work session.
  • When completing work orders, ensure all work that is caused by a resident’s act or neglect is properly billed back to resident. Collect proof, pictures, and documentation as needed.
  • Work with leasing office on scheduling service requests and other maintenance work to maximize resident satisfaction.
  • Whenever possible, execute work and repairs “in-house” and find other ways to reduce the property’s expenses.
  • Ensure maintenance vehicles and equipment are kept clean and maintained properly to maximize lifespan.
  • Ensure that all equipment and machinery is kept in good condition. This includes but is not limited to: domestic hot water heaters, boilers and furnaces, air conditioning units and pumps, storage tanks. Conduct routine maintenance and inspections.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor with vendor bidding and management.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to ensure all necessary maintenance materials are on site as needed, organized, and inventoried. Plan ahead
  • Always keep an organized and safe maintenance shop and storage areas
  • Perform and record quarterly inspections, complete work in timely manner, and ensure proper resident bill-backs.
  • Assist Maintenance Supervisor to manage a successful turn by scheduling and management of all maintenance staff and vendors (in cooperation with the property manager) including cleaners, painters, grounds people, courtesy guards, etc.
  • Participate in a prompt and effective snow removal program, as needed, to ensure safety and minimize liability.
  • Work with city as needed to obtain proper permits and licenses.
  • For the safety of the community, ensure all exterior lighting is always functional and sufficient, oversee inspections.
  • Set and adhere to realistic project deadlines and update Manager of progress.
  • Assist management in creation of projects’ plans and budgets as needed.
  • Perform additional inspections as needed to collect and record data (IE: asset inventory, floor plan collection, etc.)
  • Follow all code, legal, OSHA, and compliance statutes.
  • Maintain good resident relations and promptly inform property manager of any potential or existing problems. Communications with residents should always be cordial and professional.
  • Assist in building positive relationships with neighbors, the community, the school, and city departments.
  • Communicate needs, ideas, and problems effectively with Manager.
  • Participate in company training classes and meetings as required; keep all necessary insurances and licenses up to date.
  • Walk the properties daily to ensure that all physical aspects are always functional, safe, and maintained in an attractive condition to achieve maximum curb appeal.

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