The CLSDefining Principles

CLS is built on a foundation of 10 Defining Principles.


We aim to create an exceptional workplace and to deliver the highest quality experience for our residents.


We care deeply about what we do.

Out of the Box Thinking

Our fresh approach sets us apart. We encourage our team members to be innovative and unique.


We thrive on providing each other with support and feedback. We check our egos at the door and pursue the best idea put forward.


We foster a positive and progressive work community. We are pro-active in addressing challenges.


We make every effort to do the right thing in all situations. Trust creates openness and allows for providing and receiving feedback which otherwise might be difficult.


Growth at CLS is as much about professional and personal development as it is about the company’s unlimited potential. Hard work will be rewarded.


We are grateful for our residents, our team members and the opportunities we have. We work hard to communicate that to the team and our residents through our actions.


We are building a dynamic organization. We strive to be nimble and implement systems that are clean and effective for the property staff, and we put a high value on simplicity and progress.


We understand that value is created onsite. We have the property staff’s back and will provide the appropriate tools, guidance and support to ensure success.